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07 August 2006 @ 07:50 pm
the one where i kill a phone.  
I officially have a flu. This would be bad (considering I have to be present at a birthday celebration tomorrow) but I didn't have to go to work today, soooo. Although I'm thinking that the phone that used to be in my mother's room would argue that Sick Kaitlyn = Bad Kaitlyn. I killed it. Unintentionally, but I killed it.

I got out of bed and was all "woah, why is the room spinning?" so I decided, hey, why not grab a nice, big bowl of cereal? Because isn't that what you do when you're dizzy and you have sharp, shooting pains in your lower abdomen? So, as I was eating, I decided to call my mother and let her know that I was not in any condition to work (see: dizzy; sharp, shooting abdominal pains) and that I would be calling Boss Man as soon as I finished the breakfast. I called her cell, she didn't answer. I figured, alright, I'll just get in the shower and call her when I get out.

So I quickly abandoned everything (leaving my half-consumed cereal and the kitchen phone in the... kitchen) and entered my bathroom which is... far. From everything. Except for my mother's bedroom. And I'm in there and had just turned on the water and realized that she might try to call me back and I might not hear it because the phone is not RIGHT NEXT TO ME. I went into her bedroom, stole her phone (as I so often do), placed it on the counter (close to the shower) and proceeded to take my shower. Time passes, I get out and decide that I NEED to call my mom Right. That. Second.

I should preface this by saying that my shower is not the Fastest Drainer in the West, if you know what I mean. Most of the time, when I step out of the shower, I'm left with a couple of inches of water that still need to drain.

Which made it REALLY unfortunate that the phone should fly out of my slippery untoweled hands when I tried to grab it. It's made even more unfortunate by the fact that it flew almost directly (it bounced off the wall directly across from the shower curtain first) into my tub.

Moral of the story: Don't try to hold things (especially electronics) while sick.
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Pirate Jenny: rosario's hot assdeliriums_fish on August 8th, 2006 01:02 am (UTC)
But even if your shower was a very fast drainer, it could not be the Fastest Drainer in the West. I am sorry.

Did you get a hold of your boss?

Sorry about the sick. Sick sucks.